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Service Canada Office in Vancouver, BC

I thought Passport renewal in Service Canada in Vancouver is hard as I thought, but it was a contrary. Several months ago, I have decided to renew my children’s Canadian passport in Vancouver office when the Service Canada in Coquitlam advised me to go there instead because it is faster, and besides we need the passport soon for our US travel.

Passport Canada

Luckily that Evergreen Line has opened on the time for the passport renewal, our commute was easier and not much longer as it used to be. Thanks to the advancement provided by the government locally. Back to the passport renewal process, I was quite impress on the fast speed service rendered to the people acquiring for a new passport. In less than an hour we were out in that building and able to wander around and took pictures before heading back home.

Passport Canada Vancouver

Important Reminder

To achieve fast service, as an applicant, make sure that the forms are appropriately filled up before handling them to the staff.

Vancouver Office Address:

757 W Hastings St #100, Vancouver, BC V6C 3M2

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