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Last year was not a bunch of traveling activity for us. However, last year I did able to secure my US visa which finally gave me the opportunity to cross the border with the whole family. I was always left behind when my husband and the kids traveled to the US due to my unfinished documents; but starting 2015 not anymore.

Traveling Seattle

Blessings truly come in life. So, I have mentioned that we cross the border last year. We only went to the beautiful land of Seattle! Because of the heavy traffic at the border, roughly spending five hours in total including documentations, therefore we arrived at our destination dark and absolutely nothing to see. Anyways, back at the Vancouver border where we spent most of our time, our children had mentioned about the native instruments brought and played by a particular local band inside their school campus. Upon knowing that, I certainly amazed that those instruments still exist at this generation and in this country where I first thought that matters only the latest gadgets or machinery. Well, I was wrong with that perception.

Anyways, to kill the boredom while on the middle of the road and with cars almost bumping  to each other like racing who will be the first to reach the finish line, it is good to bring something like good DVD movies for the kids to watch, musical instruments to play or simply books to read. With all the consequences that occur, life should be good after all!



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