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Blueberry Picking this Summer

The starting point of our summer is so wonderful. The primary reason why I considered that way is because we earned some money out of it through blueberry picking. Isn’t that cool folks? Although this year summer’s hotness is so terrible compared last year but that’s Mother Nature’s call and what we can do is just to keep going.

Blueberry picking in BC

It’s pretty much impressive that my family taught how to pick blueberries in a short period. Well, it’s not a hard task anyway. And it’s absolutely a fun activity for family this summer. Have you tried blueberry picking? Attached here is the kids’ first day fun blueberry activity photo. They look so energized and with full of life doing the task as you can see, however, they missed other fun activities outside which other kids are performing at this very month of July like bowling, camping, swimming, etc. And even what ddj ergo is for, these kids have no idea at all.

As you can see, we’re still close to mid-summer and there are still tons of activities to catch up for. It’s not totally late after all! The our to go places and to do things for the kids are now comprehensively planned. We are so excited and looking forward on how fun our whole summer would be. Go, go summer!

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