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Teddy Bear Picnic and Grand Parade at Town Center Coquitlam

Festival Coquitlam Grand Parade

Looking for a fun thing to do this weekend for your children in Coquitlam? Mark your calendar for this Coquitlam event to be held this coming Sunday, June 14, 2015 as there will be a grand parade from 9:45 am to 11 AM from the Coquitlam Centre  to the Teddy Bear Picnic at Town Centre Park.

According to Festival Coquitlam, there will be children’s fun activities such as puppet shows, storytelling, rovers, gymnastics and so much more starting 11AM- 4PM at the Town Center Park right after the grand parade.

There will be an admission fee of $3 for the picnic, however ages 3 and under are absolutely free.

Of course, the entertainers who will be performing on the main stage won’t be missing on that Teddy Bear Picnic. So watch out folks if who are those performers.

See you there in the fun under the sun! And wait, don’t ever forget to put on sunscreen, wear hat and wear outfit appropriate for the sunny weather.

Photo credit: Festival Coquitlam

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