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Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf Here We Go Again

Steveston Fish Market

Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf Here We Go Again!

After dropping off the kids to school last week, hubby and I decided to buy some fishes at Steveston – the very historic place in Richmond, BC. Unfortunately, when we arrived to the Fish Market at Fisherman’s Wharf, we did not see any fish vendors in there. And we were unhappy about that because we travel for an hour just to buy the fish.

The Best Time to Come and Buy

We have checked from the travel website that the Fish Market open all year round during weekdays and weekends. This is our 2nd time trip to the place, however the 1st one was on the weekend and winter time, yet we able to take home assortment of fishes. We felt delighted about it. It was like bulk buying so the whole stock lasted for two months. We escaped seafoods buying in two months after that first trip. Since way cheaper at that fish market than the supermarket price, we decided to go back without taking the kids with us, but as what I have mentioned above that we were unlucky to find no fish vendors on their floating boats. Instead, what we did was just strolling around Steveston if we could find something new. We found a few restaurants on the dock. Hopefully, in the next time around, we would be able to try and enjoy the meal in any of their floating restaurants which I found very expensive. Well, there is no surprise about that! Undeniably speaking, everything in BC is so costly, with exceptions of China stuffs available in any dollar stores.

Anyway, the images below are new Spring snapshots of the place. Its silence almost breaks my eardrum!

If counting the people walking by, probably just less than ten. Unbelievable! So could be like this during weekdays. So watch out for that folks in case you have the plan of going there anytime in the weekdays. Not totally a good idea if fish is your primary subjects, because you’re not going to take home a single thing, unless you will just decide to buy in the store located few steps away from the dock which has almost the same price in a supermarket in ours close by.

Steveston Fisherman's Wharf

Isn’t the bird up in the sky, enjoying the beautiful blue sky?

Steveston Fish Market Richmond, BC

Here are the fishing boats, not all of them are joining in the marketing fish business.

During weekends people are coming here from different part of BC and buy seafoods. Once again, not a good idea to come during weekdays based on our experience.

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