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Our Trip to Vancouver Zoo

After so many times of planning to visit Vancouver Zoo, we finally did able to stroll the entire area. Vancouver Zoo is so huge compared to the other Zoos’ we visited previously. The kids had so much fun seeing the different kinds of species inside the Zoo despite of the heavy rain that keeps pouring on.

Vancouver Zoo

The Zoo opens everyday throughout the entire year on Christmas Day.They open 9 am but the closing time varies with the season, especially in winter time that it gets dark early.

I did not check their website or bother to call the staff before leaving the house so we missed  mostly of the daily scheduled activities held inside such as feeding the hippo, bird show, etc.

When you visit the zoo, don’t ask for a paper map as it certainly doesn’t exist. However, they have the board map where you can find at the very corner spread throughout the area. You just need to find them as not every corner has it. The image below is one of them.

Vancouver Zoo Map

The list of animals found inside the zoo are listed below with its corresponding Geographic Origin.

Vancouver Zoo Animlas

Before I’ll forget to mention, within the vicinity there are picnic areas where you can do picnic. Kids love picnic you know that! But on our visit there, it was raining and their picnic places have no roof, well, unless you’d like eating under the rain. Hmmm.. that would be fun too! If you don’t bring your own food there are also stores inside that sell food. Moreover, if you love souvenir, there’s an intended store for that too.

Vancouver Zoo

 The animals found in the above image are just some of the animals we’ve seen. More photos are coming up in my future Trip to the Vancouver Zoo post. Watch out for that folks!

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