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Family Adventure: Picking Cherries in Vernon BC

Cherries Picking in Vernon  BC

After we had our u-pick your own Blue Berries great adventure, we then exploit another fruit picking –the u-pick your own Cherries in Vernon directly from the tree. The whole family indeed had so much fun. Although we traveled about 5 hours, but the whole escapade was extremely remarkable for us, particularly in downtown Kelowna where the kids experienced ecstatic activities.

Pick your own Cherries

We had our cherries picking in Vernon BC after exploring some places in Kelowna. I spoke to two Filipinos from Calgary who visited Kelowna that cherries picking is one of their to do things while on the visit. Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and Okanagan are just some of the famous places in BC where you can enjoy such fruit picking activity. Since fruits are produced in different season, you better know its harvest or picking time before deciding to travel all the way there. For cherries picking it mostly starts 2nd week of July to the 2nd week of August,  however, to make sure, you call directly the farm where you are going to pick the fruit.

We didn’t harvest much cherries in the farm actually, the box (image below) is all what we got and brought to the home. Per pound, we pay $1.99 instead $6/lb when buying at the Supermarket. For a fun seeker individual, the experience is truly noteworthy, especially together with the family.

Cherries Harvesting

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