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Canada Day 2014: The Fun at Town Centre Park Coquitlam

Town Centre Park Canada Day

 Hi folks! How did you celebrate the Canada Day yesterday? Did you have fun? Ours was quite simple but fun though, despite the absence of the pillar of our family. Canada Day 2013 was like a big event for us as we luxuriously witnessed a big parade in downtown Vancouver participated by big business establishments, organizations -profit and non-profit, schools, etc. Besides that, there were lots of fireworks too. Nevertheless, this year that nobody can take us to downtown Vancouver, I preferred to stay in the Coquitlam City and celebrate Canada Day with the people throughout  Tri-Cities.

Town Center Park was the venue of the event. It started 12pm but we arrived around 2pm already. Upon our arrival, I decided to roam around with the kids first. There were some free stuff for the kids, games with fun prizes, etc., which I ceaselessly enjoy in every event because no money to be released from the wallet. Lol! Here we go, let me enumerate them.

Face Painting

Canada Day in Coquitlam BC

Imagine, we waited in the line for almost an hour just to have these faces painted. And we almost give up! 

Rock Wall Climbing

Rock Wall Climbing in Coquitlam

Finally, he finally did it! After convincing many time our son to try rock climbing since her sister tried it in Kelowna he eventually give in. He able to face his fears. Good job son! This time is an easy type of climbing as he never had tried rock climbing before.

Below is our daughter, choosing the medium hard rock climbing.


Wood Working for Kids

This woodworking activity is so much fun for the kids. They both love hammering, screwing, pasting which typically what the Handyperson does.

The above photos are just some of the fun our kids had during the Holiday. I hope you also guys celebrated the Holiday with so much fun whether with your family or friends.

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