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The Family Went to Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair in Surrey

The Family Went to Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair in Surrey

The Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair 2014 have ended about a week ago, but I’m grateful that my family did able to witness and experience their fun entertaining fairground for the very first time. They said, this year had more family-friendly entertainment than before. Well, maybe because it’s almost like the PNE experience for us.

Of course the family had fun. Although our kids rode only some of their rides as we didn’t  purchase the ticket for the all day or unlimited rides for them but they truly had a blast. As a proof, here are the images below showing their Country Fair experience.

Cloverdale Country Fair

                                              The kids riding on the horse. This is their first time to be at the back of this amazing animal. 

Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair 2014

                         Then they tried the games such as balloon popping for a stuff toy prize, throwing of rings to the bottle with the hopes of winning an iPad. There were a lot of kids rides that will certainly entertain them while at the fair.


Facing the Fear of Heights

And me who has the fear of the heights, I recently proved to myself that it was only part of my imagination and the negativity towards the fun rides which most people are enjoying with that I apparently have been missed because of the fear that I might die once I’ll be on top of the rides. It was such a big mistake! Now, I am extremely excited with the opening of Play Land in PNE here in Vancouver so I could try the numerous rides such as the Corkscrew, Hellevator, Roller Coaster and so many other exciting rides.

Prior raising myself to the sky about 218 ft, and spinning 360 degrees, first I took a picture of myself. Then to make sure I’ll be safe on top, I called the crew to check my seat belt and other necessary things for my safety. It was such a very unforgettable experience of my life.

Atmosfear at Coverdale

So what was my feeling being on top of the sky swinging and spinning?  Oh, it was like a brain blowing! I avoided to look down on the ground because it seemed any time I gonna fall down. But with the overall experience, I had fun! I’d like to try it again!


So this video below is how the Atmosfear works and spin.


So have you tried this Atmosfear folks? What was your experience?

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