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Family Travel: Exploring Banff of Alberta, Canada on Spring

What are actually the iconic attractions to see in this very famous town of Banff?  Have you been to Banff and explore what it’s being offered?

I have read that Banff has millions of tourists visiting yearly in this very interesting town. I am grateful I did able to visit it with my family. Thanks to my husband for taking us there, although our visit was quite a short time only, but truly a  memorable one for me to speak. Our trip was long as we just drove going there. Imagine, almost nine hours on the road, including few stops when we eat and do some personal hygiene.

We got the chance to explore Banff on our next day upon our arrival in Calgary as we arrived in the city very late evening. We stayed in the hotel close to downtown overnight, and as soon as we woke up for a short rest we had breakfast and hit back on the road once again heading to Banff.

While on the road I enjoyed taking pictures with the extraordinary views that I’ve never been seen personally- the beautiful tall Rockies.

Banff, Alberta Canada

Spring has begun when we visit here, but unfortunately it didn’t look like it because of the negative temperature plus the visible snow around sticking on the ground.

Banff Tourist Attractions


You know what, I truly admire this breathtaking view and I appreciate so much how the government preserve their environment and give importance to the wildlife.


Now Welcome to Banff!

Banff Tourist Attraction


Captured images below are some of where we went and what we did.


Banff Upper Hot Springs- It’s located in the very upper part of Banff town.

Banff Upper Hot Spring


For the very first time I able to have a bath in a Hot Spring! As my body touches the very hot water I thought I’ll burn myself. Lol! We brought our swimming attire and other bath essentials so fortunately, we saved ourselves from the renting scenario.

Lake Louise – What the lake looks like during the Spring season? Here it is -frozen and good place for skating and other snow sports on earth.


Lake Louise of Banff

Our kids are enjoying walking on this frozen lake. The emerald color of Lake Louise water during summer turns into such a huge body of snow ground.

For More Traveler’s FootSteps Exploration of Banff, please visit ME here.

4 thoughts on “Family Travel: Exploring Banff of Alberta, Canada on Spring

  1. Jason Panuelos

    It looks absolutely frigid in Canada, which is actually a really nice change from the scorching heat right now. Haha! You look like you had a lot of fun and the snow looks so nice! :D

  2. papaleng

    I’ve done an article about Banff and i agree much that this place is haven for vacationist. Aside from Lake Louise, there are other great lakes to explore there.

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