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Cebu Pacific Sunny Sale: 1 Peso to Philippine and International Destinations

Despite of my miles distance from my own native land that I’ve been missing so much, yet I feel the beat of the summer and the waves sweeping the sea. I am extremely craving for such experience! Well, I know, that one day that time will truly come and I will just be on the cheapest seat flying around, maybe with the Cebu Pacific airline.

Speaking of Cheap flights, Cebu Pacific makes me drool, especially that they are always on promo. Recently, I received an email for their Lite Fare, 1 peso Sunny Sale to all Philippine and International Destinations. Who wouldn’t want to fly with that rate? I’m pretty sure travelers would be hurrying to grab a seat for such awesome summer deal!

Listed below are the destinations covered by the Sunny Sale: 

Philippine Destinations:

Davao to Bacolod or Cagayan de Oro

Manila to Coron or Cotabato

Iloilo to Cagayan de Oro or General Santos

Cebu to Camiguin, Masbate or Siargao

Davao to Dipolog, Iloilo or Puerto Princesa

International Destinations:

Manila to Osaka, Nagoya or Tokyo

Manila to Bali, Bangkok, Beijing or Dubai

Manila to Kota Kinabalu, Phuket or Xiamen

Cebu to Busan or Incheon

Clark or Iliolo to Hong Kong or Singapore

For all travelers, a peso offer is truly a gigantic saving for them. I wish my parents love to fly, I could book a flight for them, if ever. After them hearing another tragic plane incident with the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 the more they are scared to fly. Hmmm… I couldn’t blame them. Anyway, the danger is everywhere and sad to say that it’s unpredictable. So that’s why Travel Insurance is advisable prior to hit the sky.

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