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The Royal Virtual Remodeler Tool and Its Usage

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Lately, I did able to get the chance to try once again the wonderful tool provided by Royal company- the well-known construction company in North America that provides broad innovative range of home building supplies. The tool is called the Virtual Remodeler and it is available in their site. It gives homeowners or any individuals the chance to visualize changes of a certain home areas such as windows, sidings and the roof.

Virtualized Home

Vinyl Windows are just a few of Royal Building Products innovative home construction materials that I had focused on transforming with during last leisure time. It was certainly fun and its easiness to use gives me often the flexibility to explore further beyond the window parts. Well, who doesn`t want to see the advance new appearance of your new home? If what color, style suits best for your home is very visible with your two naked eyes in the Remodeler. That is how awesome the tool is! I am pretty sure you will keep coming back once you can try it for the first time.

Homeowners by the way have a wide range of options for Vinyl Windows Systems in their store. There is Senovia, Thermoplast 4000 Series, Mount Pleasant, Genesis, Sierra Classic, Royal Guard Impact, Summerville and so much more, but for a personal choice I’ll go with the Thermoplast 4000 Series. To have an idea with regards to its differences you may refer to their website. If you are a homeowner, don’t get confused, just follow your heart which system to choose, you can also ask an advice if you want. For me, even by just selecting the window style I felt a bit dizzy as they have several of them. Well, that simply denotes that they are just way advance.

To try the Remodeler by the way, you have the option to upload your own photo or just simply use the site’s pre-formatted homes. In my case, I just tried the pre-formatted one as my dream home never built yet. And the image above is the result of that virtualization. So what are you waiting? Try yourself the tool too!


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4 thoughts on “The Royal Virtual Remodeler Tool and Its Usage

  1. md Kennedy

    What an awesome tool – I could get lost in this for hours! My husband and I are planning to build a vacation home and this is great to have for brainstorming. Thanks!

  2. Krista Grandstaff

    This is fantastic! I have some really big plans in mind for the huge, old farmhouse we bought a few years ago…and this would be a major help!

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