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The Rogers Santa Claus Parade 2013

Rogers Santa Claus Parade

First Sunday of December is the schedule of Rogers Santa Claus Parade held in downtown Vancouver. It is a fun event as you can see the festive floats, marching bands, community groups and choirs participating.

According to my research this parade is the largest food and fund raising events for the Food Bank. So far, they have collected  $110,100 and more than 67, 380 pounds of food since 2014 for the hungry families in the lower Mainland. Isn’t that inspiring?

This year we finally made to witness the event, but sadly to say that we were late. We arrived almost done. There were thousands of people on the street expecting the passing of the parade.

Below is a video I made for the event. Hope you’ll enjoy watching it guys.

6 thoughts on “The Rogers Santa Claus Parade 2013

  1. Helena

    Thanks for filming this! I don’t go to parades b/c I don’t like crowds too much and my husband is just bored. But if it weren’t for those two things, I’d go! This looks like a great parade!

  2. Aylin

    First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a blessed, prosperous, happy and more travels to come for the year 2014.

    It seems that it was fun and having the thought of giving joy to its viewers and giving help at the same time to the unfortunate families is such a wonderful act. So better be early next time so you can share more photos about the happenings in Roger Santa Claus Parade to us.


  3. Mai

    That would’ve been a real treat if you got to see the entire event parade before your very eyes. I’m sure it was a lovely one, given the great cause behind it. :)

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