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Visiting Granville Island for the First Time


My husband mentions the island to me when we were conversing about going out for a grocery shopping as the place is known for its public market. I was a bit curious what Granville Island looks like and the prices of their commodities in their market, so hubby and I ended the conversation with the plan of driving to the island a week after. Actually, I was just bored seeing the same supermarket over and over, in short my eyes just looking for a little bit difference and besides that, my feet want to wander around.

The island is actually an hour drive from us which is far if just go over for one purpose. During our visit there were lots of people walking, exploring the place, taking pictures, etc.

Granville Island

The above image is their sign that you are entering Granville Island. The whole place is not that huge, if I walk the entire area, maybe I’ll be done in forty minutes with a big step of course. In the area, they have arts school, restaurants, arts and crafts stores, public market and many others.

Since it’s an island so it is surrounded with water. Going to the island you can take aquabus- the terminology for their ferry boat, or you drive.

The images below are my few captures, there could me more especially around the shore area but we didn’t dress up appropriately as we thought it won’t be that cold but we were mistaken. Well, maybe there’s a next time I am hoping.

Grandville Island

The island’s must to see is their Granville Public Market. In here we focused, crossed our legs back and forth as it is indoor and warm. There were plenty of colorful stalls selling a variety of stuff such as food, crafts and flowers. In fairness in this place where we had bought a delicious strawberry jam that I have tasted ever. Hmmm…I think it is also the reason for us to come back there next time.

Granville Public Market

By the way, Granville Island is located at 1661 Duranleau St, Vancouver. Have fun in your trip guys!



4 thoughts on “Visiting Granville Island for the First Time

  1. Jenn Oldaker

    Very nice pictures! It sounds like a wonderful place. I love little market type areas so i’m sure I would love it there as well :)

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