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The Snapshot of the Lost Heron

I titled this post as the snapshot of the lost heron even though I am not sure if the bird is truly lost. I was just surprised to see him in the lake at that particular time by himself, and not only that, since we kept visiting and passing by on this lake- Lafarge, we have never seen such bird around the area for more than a year. Well, maybe I am wrong since we’re not guarding the lake 24/7. lol! I am just counting our presence in the area.

heron bird


Short Info of Herons

Herons belong to the family of Ardeidae with 64 recognized species. They have long legs, necks and they exist on all the continents except Antarctica.

One thought on “The Snapshot of the Lost Heron

  1. md Kennedy

    What a gorgeous photo – and how lucky you were to see the heron. I’d so love to take one nature picture in my life that turned out so well.

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