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Protect Your Dwelling, Secure Everything

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you noticed in our environment in the past years, many unexpected events occurred that stole thousands of lives and wiped out properties in many parts of the world. Remember the tsunami in Japan, floods in the Philippines, the hurricane in the United States, and etc.   When it comes to natural catastrophes, people can’t do anything about it, unless he obtain a super power to control huge floods or even the 8.1 magnitude earthquake. However, those superpowers by our superheroes only exist in the television as part of human fantasies.

In the event of home flooding caused by sewer backup and water damage, what do you think can you do as a homeowner to protect them?  Fortunately, there are several ideas in order to prevent such unwanted incidents, citing few examples are as follows:

Install sump pit drainage system.

 Don’t drain the water from your sump pump into your floor drain.

 Improve your drainage around your house.


In the case of home flooding, home insurance plays a vital role as it pays the damage brought within. Nevertheless, as a homeowner you must need to know what are being covered under your home insurance policy. Make sure every detail is clear enough not only what’s covered but as well as the not included. Ask questions to your insurance representative if you don’t understand something.

In Canada, just basing in the Infographic below that’s provided by the Insurance Hunter, 38% of Toronto residents that experienced sewer backup in the past did not know if they had insurance coverage for sewer backup. While in Edmonton was 33% respondents who didn’t know. So by this survey, it means homeowners personally pay from their own expense to do the repairs. With the high cost of housing in Canada, for me it is so important to be vigilant in all details. The money to spend instead for the home repairs could be spent in travelling to Europe or  Asia where the cost of living is a little bit cheaper.


In addition to the infographic posted above, the claims for water damage have increased from 20% to over 50% which is about 1.68 Billion/year.

So have you checked and fully understood your insurance policy? If you are doubtful about it, you better check it now or contact your agent. By the way, I am inviting you to check the Insurance Hunter website and the link provided below. If you don’t mind, you can embed  the inforgraphic found in the link below into your blog to spread the news.


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3 thoughts on “Protect Your Dwelling, Secure Everything

  1. Fred

    Home plumbing is such a complicated thing. It is even difficult to get a trusted plumber. It has to be done perfectly the first time. But with time, it has to be assessed periodically as you advise.

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