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In The Memory of Fall 2013

Fall is one of my favorite season next to summer. Although a bit cold especially during the night but I enjoy the weather except when it rains. This year’s fall is different than last year as before we experienced a lot of rain even still summer. Anyway, every year is different, much more this time that the earth has started feeling the effect of global warming.

In some other note, I captured a few photos preserving the memory of 2013 Fall season. The transition of the leaves is one of a kind that I love witnessing our mother nature.

Fall Season

Fall in Coquitlam

Above is my daughter having a pose with the colorful leaves on the ground.


Lafarge Lake Coquitlam

The body of water found in the image is what people called in Coquitlam as Lafarge Lake. People go for fishing here, walk, jog and unwind.

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