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Why North Americans Must Use Vinyl than Any Other

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I arrived in North America and fully experienced their seasonal types, I then realized how significant for homeowners to use the appropriate material for windows and doors in their respective houses.

Based on what I noticed, the lifestyle here is somewhat focused primarily on work. People must work 2 jobs in order to attain and sustain the kind of life they have or wanted. And as what I often heard, life is not easy though. So living in a house with inappropriate materials on windows and doors is like you are working hard and throwing your money paying on high electricity bills, especially during winter and summer where the heating and cooling occurs.

According to Royal Building Products, using vinyl to the windows and doors is absolutely an excellent choice. It is way better using it than any other materials like wood and aluminum. Folks, please refer below for some significant factors why vinyl must be chosen.

1.    Increase Comfort- Vinyl windows and doors offer excellent thermal performance for year round comfort.

2.    Easy Operation- With a minimum effort you can open and close vinyl windows and doors easily but with maximum performance.

3.    Energy Efficiency- Vinyl is an effective insulator.

4.    Low Maintenance

As you can see below, a chart, it is in comparison with phases or areas found in a typical home with respect to the heating and cooling factor. As you noticed, windows and doors got the highest percentage of the energy budget.

Now I’m sure you have a brighter perception towards putting on vinyl in your home. Perhaps, you can have then the budget for travelling, exploring some other countries in North America after all the savings you will make.

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2 thoughts on “Why North Americans Must Use Vinyl than Any Other

  1. Angelica

    I hate our work to live mentality here. My husband and I bought a house in a slightly depressed sleeper city so that our mortgage is less than a quarter of my husband’s monthly salary. He works from home exactly 40 hours a week, never more. We’re perfectly happy living below our means and don’t give a hoot about having the newest brand name clothes or what people think of our ten year old car. The people around us are so stressed all the time living in their mcmansions and driving cars they can’t afford. It’s insane!
    That being said, I think vinyl is a totally respectable choice but it also needs to be on a house suited to vinyl. You throw vinyl siding on a 1920 Craftsman and the character is destroyed. I’m a huge fan of cedar for most of the houses in my area, it’s insect resistant, lasts nearly forever if you stain it and looks absolutely gorgeous to boot!

    1. Jhoveleen Post author

      That is very true Angelica, there are so many people getting stressed because of their lifestyle – living beyond their means, name those latest gadgets, nicest cars, big houses, branded new clothes, etc. Shop here, shop there! I hope people could realize that those are just material things.

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