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Photography: Beautiful Wall I’ve Met Down the Shore


I captured this beautiful image I found in the Coal Harbour, Vancouver where the history of how the Indians first came to BC in the centuries times.

The thousands of holes on the wall certainly fascinates me much. Most of the times I have only seen such beautiful creature only on the internet or papers, plastic or any artificial creations. This one is really so real, it is made of thick metal that exerted so much effort intended only for additional attractiveness of the place. So any individual who adores art/photography wouldn’t dare to skip not to let their cameras click and click in a matter of second.

Traveler's WallPaper

Do you like my photo subject for this episode guys? Come on, don’t be shy. You tell me the truth and I’ll let you go. hehehe!

One thought on “Photography: Beautiful Wall I’ve Met Down the Shore

  1. md Kennedy

    This is an interesting installment, and your photo captured it beautifully. Would love to see a more panoramic view, though!

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