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British Columbia Day 2013 in Canada | Family Outdoor Fun

British Columbia Day in Canada is celebrated every first Monday of the month of August. It is an official holiday and it gives the people in Canada the time to spend with their families and friends.

So where we went on that day? In memory of 2013 BC Day, my family went out and visited the magnificent places seen in the photos below.

Mill Marine Bistro and Bar                 Above photo: The Mill Marine Bistro and Bar


Harbour Green Park

In the image is my daughter trying to figure out how to use the binocular located  at the bayshore of the Harbour Green park. Fortunately, the  my smart girl finds out its correct usage after all.  


Coal Harbour

I was really wondering the exact purpose of this tiny hanging cottage above where my daughter is hiding. Is it a cage for the birds?


Coal Harbour

Then here I am having a quick pose around the yacht rental area. On the water there were numerous yachts waiting for the tourists, adventurous individuals who would like to rent. But of course there are also for sale for those who are interested to own one. I saw one yacht there that cost equivalent to the price of one unit of house built in downtown Coquitlam. Wondering what the price is? Actually it’s only 745,000 Canadian dollars! It made my eyeballs roll back and forth for a while because way too expensive folks! It made me think if such thing was made of gold.

Coal Harbour, Vancouver


Harbour Air Seaplanes Vancouver

Image above: Hubby reads the history of where he is at the moment.

Harbour Air Seaplanes Vancouver


And the most exciting part to spend a day with, is to be in any of these seaplanes flying above to watch the extraordinary views of the whole British Columbia. Well, I don’t know if how much would be the cost of that remarkable activity.  Hopefully, my family would get a chance to explore it one day!

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