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What’s Inside the Chinese Garden in Chinatown Vancouver

My family got the chance to explore what’s inside the Chinese Garden. Actually there’s not much to see here. All they have is a small garden and a Museum attraction.


If you love watching  sculptured rocks so this is it. According to the tour guide who made us a group tour while we were inside, the rocks inside were from the far Lake. Sorry folks I forgot the name of the Lake he mentioned. He added they were soft so the artist didn’t find hard in engraving them all.



And speaking of rocks, we saw this one below in their museum. It is about a hundred years old in existence since they found it somewhere.


Bonsai of Redwood, surviving in more than a decade.

Bonsai of a Redwood, surviving in more than a decade.

And this bonsai above has been living for centuries and up to now still alive and surviving. I just realized that bonsai will last that long as mine didn’t reach even 2 years. Maybe it’s only a matter of how you cultivate them.




Below are some of the foundations how their “cottage” inside the garden was being built. Everything, from every angle certainly adopts the Chinese culture and beliefs especially in terms of luck and money.



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