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Traveler’s FootSteps Traveled from Blogger to WordPress

I am so grateful that I able to travel my Traveler’s FootSteps blog to its final destination- its new WordPress Home. This is my first ever Wordpress blog for my almost 5 years of existence. Now I realized that I should have done this WordPress walk a long time ago when my blogger friends also decided to shift into this different path.

Traveler’s FootSteps is not totally done yet with its journey. Although there were storms, thunder and lightning along the way, yet the escapade continues. It’s part of this challenge, I know. I strongly believe that this is only the beginning of a new world. More blockage to come that Traveler’s FootSteps will destroy and victory to reach in its final destination. With this journey, the woman behind started feeling more thrilled and inspired to give her readers more updates to this new dwelling. So stay right there folks and accompany me.

I’m leaving you a photo of myself guys taken by a 4 year old photographer, my daughter.



2 thoughts on “Traveler’s FootSteps Traveled from Blogger to WordPress

  1. md Kennedy

    I still haven’t decided on WordPress yet – although blogger is a no-go. I would wonder if you thought of WP alternatives as well before going with it.

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