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Photography: Kids Great Pose in the Park

Sorry folks, you can’t really hold me for taking pictures of different subjects despite of the limited features of my recent digital camera. I know I drooled over to the amazing features of the DSLR cameras but as I said nobody can stop me from pursuing such addicting hobby-the photography.

Anyway, and so much for the rants, the subject as of today’s photo shoot are  the KIDS. This was taken nearby at Lafarge Lake last winter. I had many attempts to capture the subjects in this position. Finally I able to almost perfect it. lol! Enjoy the photo guys!



3 thoughts on “Photography: Kids Great Pose in the Park

  1. Pal Raine

    Love the idea that we have the same passion in taking pictures though I am just using my digi cam and my samsung galaxy S3 mobile no one can stop me from taking pictures too.

  2. Genzel

    Oh who says we really need slr to capture great photos like this? I love your photos by the way. Same here, I’m just using a digicam but I’m happy with the results :)

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