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On Canada Day 2013 Celebration| Where We Went

This year on Canada Day this is where we went. We hopped on a Skytrain heading to downtown, no driving once again as we knew that the parking area is so hard to find and besides we did a lot of walking.

There was a grand parade held on Canada Day in Vancouver. Like other people, we were also itching to watch it if how the event would turn and who and which institutions will be participating. 

          DSC08612 The first scenario we had seen was the street demonstration of the police officers  using their motorbikes. They all looked so wonderful. Obviously, they exerted so much effort on their rehearsals. 

 Then, followed by the bands and below are just a few.  




Of course the Filipinos won’t be left behind. Here they come, proudly raising our flag and holding the name of our country!    DSC08696


As what I have said there were from different institutions, so here they are – some of the representatives.


There are still more photos in my digicam but I haven’t downloaded all yet. We had so much fun and the kids were so tired. Watching this grand parade was just the 2nd event we witnessed on that very long day. Prior to this was the different Street Shows held at the different corner of Granville Street. Two years ago we celebrated this event in Victoria Harbour and it was also memorable except the kids weren’t there with us as they were in another part of the world.

9 thoughts on “On Canada Day 2013 Celebration| Where We Went

  1. Gil Camporazo

    Canada Day taps my curiosity. I am thinking if it is comparable to our local festivities here in our country. Or it is like our national independence day celebration.

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