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Tenerife: A Holiday for all Seasons

One of the great things about holidays in Tenerife is that you don’t have to be restricted to the summer months. As every family and sun-seeking holidaymaker knows, as soon as the summer holidays come around, the price of holidays skyrockets. For those with school-age children this will always be a problem, but for those who can escape on a whim, you could choose to travel outside of the peak summer season.

For instance, did you know that Tenerife can reach 25 degrees in November, and up to a very pleasant 22 degrees in January? With those temperatures you can easily walk around in a t-shirt and you could also come home with a suntan – a great way to make your friends and family jealous! You can check the Tenerife weather online and use it to help you decide when is the best time to travel.

Remember too that if you’re planning to try activities such as walking and mountain biking, a holiday during the cooler months would be ideal, as Tenerife’s summer temperatures can be quite stifling.

Another great point about travelling during the cooler months is that there is more hotel availability. Check out, for instance. You can use this site to compare hotels in Tenerife online and no doubt you’ll notice a higher level of availability and choice across various hotels and apartments. Just bear in mind that not all local or hotel-based activities will be open outside of the main summer season, as many are closed during the autumn and winter.

And of course, when you holiday outside of peak season you will often enjoy cheaper prices, which means you can splash out the savings guilt-free when you get there! Just think of all those ice creams, meals out and day trips you can look forward to, and maybe even an extra cocktail or two. Perfect!

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