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Went to the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver

Today is a pretty long day for me. I went to the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver to get the form for NBI clearance as I need the most recent one. I only got the office address but I have never been there so I printed the direction from the Google map to be safe from getting lost. 
I went to the office with my daughter and hubby took our son with him to work. Today is a little bit of adventure for me as we rode a Skytrain without my husband- it’s for the very first time. Mostly we drive going to Vancouver or if a train I am just depending on him with the directions of which way to pass and so on as it’s also once in a blue moon. Today it feels like I just started to walk on my own. It’s funny I know! But that journey succeeded and I had fun! 
Before heading home we dropped by at the Pacific Center and other malls around the place. I did some shopping for my daughter as well. Right after there we hop on the train. It took us about 35 minutes sitting there and then another 30 minutes on the bus. My feet are hurt up to now for the long time standing but I can tell that every moment is worth reminiscing. 
By the way, to those Filipinos in British Columbia who needs to go to the Philippine Consulate for Passports, Visas, and other services that they may cater below is their address:
700 West Pender Street, Suite 1405 (at Granville St.) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6C 1G8. 

The office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm, except Philippine and Canadian holidays. 

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