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Interesting Shots Taken at Whistler

Summer is just around the corner and it reminds me again the memories we had on our first Whistler visit. It was a great summer and so wonderful. As we had planned to go back in the winter to explore further but sad to say we didn’t able to make it due to unavoidable reasons. Well, there are more winters to come, isn’t it?
Now, as you can see below are two interesting images. These were taken at the peak of  the Whistler mountain.
Above image, a pile of stones assembled by a man who was fascinated with such stuffs. Right after he worked on it I took a picture immediately as I was impressed if how he able to manage balancing the pieces of stones. Do you have an idea what are his tricks?
Here’s another image I capture with my daughter as a subject. It’s like there’s a whirlwind passes by. I felt scared on the first time I look at this picture as it seemed like an individual not like us living on earth was there playing with me. I know it sounds weird but I do believe of their existence no matter which part of the world.


Enjoy the photos guys, hope you like them.

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