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At Lafarge Park on One Sunny Spring

I took these photos weeks ago when summer was approaching. It was such a wonderful sunny day so I decided to take the kids to the Lafarge Park. This spot is our favorite hiking place. It brightens up my bad mood. We also often drop by here to feed the geese who just come and go to this park.

Above are our kids always fully-charge indoor and outdoor. I’m just the only one who surrenders. Lol!

    The background is so peaceful and surely will declutter someones cluttered mind. Agree or disagree?


This park is actually an overlooking from our 29th floor cage. We can tell once the lake freezes due to the freezing weather. Hopefully we could go also try fishing here this summer, but we need to secure the fishing license first before performing the act. And that’s another assignment for me to do. (wink

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