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Aruba: A Joyful Island My Family Wants to Explore

This post brought to you by Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are 100% mine.

After all the busy life here in BC (British Columbia) I think it is time for my family to have a short break and indulge life in the picturesque happy island of Aruba. This island contains everything that my family needs. Anyone who is an adventurous type, a foodie or a beach bum will absolutely enjoy and love Aruba.
With the numerous activities to enjoy with our children, shopping areas for my shopping obsession, restaurants, attractions and beautiful alluring beaches to explore, by now I imagined that it would be difficult for my family to leave the place once we are there. For our upcoming short Aruba travel which I am hoping to be in the next summer I will be glad to touch the following things to do in Aruba:


With its very calm, glittering  turquoise water, my family wouldn’t dare to miss the water fun such as banana boating, parasailing, swimming and other wet and wild adventures. It would be so much fun!


We would like to explore the natural wonders throughout Arikok National Park, the Casibari and Ayo rock formations and Indian caves, the Museums in downtown plus the Ostrich and Butterfly Farm.


With the price lower about 10-35% than those in the States we can buy more with our hard-earned money in there. There are gleaming shops that are filled with jewelries, gold and silver, perfumes and so on, absolutely my day will be colorful as ever.


Aruba is abundant of diversified cuisines, international wines, casual and elegant ambiances that any food lovers craved and admired. And as my heart is captivated in tasting different world cuisines, this opportunity would be a remarkable one and I could bring it to my own kitchen.
Folks, I am inviting you to visit the site of and let me know what made your heart captivated to visit and see Aruba. You can share your thoughts in a form of comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Aruba: A Joyful Island My Family Wants to Explore

  1. Angelica

    Aruba looks like a stunning vacation spot. I think it’s on my list of must-see places too! It’s sooo pretty and who can deny saving on shopping while on vacation. :)

  2. Joline Metcalfe

    My family may be going to Aruba next winter! It would be awesome to get away from the cold for a bit!

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