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The Culinary Delights of Crete

When visiting a foreign land, it is a must that you try and experience the local cuisine. After all what is the point of travelling half way around the world if you are just going to eat what you have at home?
No, when in Crete, do as the Cretans do, and that invariably means tucking into some quality Mediterranean food. But what exactly is the local diet and what surprises await your palate? 

Appetizers – or starters for the not so posh – make up a very important part of Cretan cuisine. One appetizer that always makes an appearance is dakos, a dried bread topped with olive oil, tomatoes, cheese and oregano. If you want something light and full of flavor to keep you going, this is the obvious choice. Alternatively, try some pickled vegetables or fasolakia which is fresh beans cooked with tomato and oil. One thing you may find with appetizers in Crete is the often key ingredient will be cheese, often made from sheep or goats milk. This is worth remembering if you don’t like surprises.
Popular Main Dishes 
If you want to fit in with the locals, then there is only one dish which will earn you honorary local status – Coclious me hondro. And that in English we hear you ask? Snails with cracked wheat, served with onion and red wine, as well as the customary olive oil. The snails will be accompanied by a wheat stew. It may sound a little bit daunting, but why not give it a try and impress your local hosts in process. You never known, you may actually enjoy it! 
If you are too much of a wimp though, do not panic. Simply try something a little more familiar like slow cooked pork and potatoes. It doesn’t exactly look exciting or sound that thrilling, but it tastes delicious, take our word for it. 
Delightful Sweets 
For pastry lovers, Crete has you covered. First of all, give Loukoumades a try. These are small balls of dough fried and then covered in honey and cinnamon, topped with some seeds. If this doesn’t tickle your taste buds, then try Bugatsa instead.  This is a sugar coated pastry filled with cream and, in true Crete style, cheese. 
Cheap holidays to Crete needn’t be about cheap and cheerful food available back home. If you make the effort to get out and about you will find some restaurants which serve up delicious and locally produced food at very cheap prices.

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