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Strolling Around Coquitlam’s Park

One factor that I like in Coquitlam, B.C. is the beautiful and clean environment with numerous parks and recreational activities for both young and adults.

During boring hours I usually take my children around and  visit the parks. I would like them to explore fishing but maybe some other time when I secured the fishing license as it required in the City prior to proceeding into such interesting activity.
Within here are some photos captured on our last stroll. Below image with my daughter is outside the Cunning Field. It is few meters away from the Blue Mountain Park where they usually go nuts.

I love the white flowers of these trees! I actually don’t know what it’s name. But do you?


Summer is coming soon folks and we’re looking forward of going to the Rockies and some other interesting places to see in Vancouver. It would be fun driving around!

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