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Stanley Park Here We Go!

Stanley Park is a Vancouver’s great treasure and it is the North America’s largest urban core park where its estimated yearly visit is about eight million people.
There are lots to see and to do in this wonderful tourist attraction.

What to see in Stanley Park?

  • Landmarks - Such as: Brocton Point Lighthouse, Prospect Point, Beaver Lake, Hollow Tree, Lost Lagoon and Siwash Rock
  • Gardens -Rose garden and floral displays, Shakespeare Garden, Stanly Park Rock Garden and Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden
  • Monuments and sculptures- there are so many

I have here few photos captured on our visit. The place is truly a breathtaking!

Stanley Park

Behind us (referring image above) is the stunning view of the Lions Gate Bridge, North Shore mountains and Burrard Inlet.

The last photo above was taken in the Brockton Light House. As you can see there were bikers behind us. Actually, people come here through riding a bike, walk, bus, take transit and drive. For us, we drove going there for about ninety minutes.
More photos to be uploaded soon. So stay tuned guys!

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