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South East Asia: Top Five Destinations to Hop Between

The concept of an exotic trip will undoubtedly go through everyone’s mind at least once during their lifetime. Whether it’s backpacking during a gap year, an unforgettable honeymoon or even a trip with the children to show them there’s more to the world than just the latest computer game; our planet is steeped in beauty and idyllic destinations, just waiting to be explored. 

If you’re planning on taking the plunge and booking an once-in-a-lifetime adventure to South East Asia, you will be spoilt for choice on what to include in your itinerary. With so many areas to discover that are virtually untouched, this corner of the world emanates flawlessness and adventure. 

Thailand holidaysare some of the most popular and most exotic of South East Asian holidays and a huge hit with jetsetters who want to experience different cultures and ways of life. With many vacations offering tremendous value, Thailand is one of those places where your money will go further, making it an ideal stop on your Asian jaunt. 

 From the vibrancy of Bangkok to the popular haunt of Phuket, whatever you want to sample during your visit, there’s a destination for you. Krabi is perfect for those who want somewhere a little quieter and unspoilt, while Koh Phi Phi is perfect for avid divers. 


From historical delights to pristine beaches, Vietnam encapsulates all that is beautiful about a holiday in South East Asia. Whether you choose to experience the vibrancy of the south, in Ho Chi Minh City or you opt, instead, for the north of the country with its stunningly impressive scenery, you can guarantee a worthwhile experience.

Sail through Ninh Binh en route to the world heritage listed Halong Bay or relax on the unspoilt beaches as you feast your eyes over to the horizon, absorbing the beauty of everything in sight. 

The Philippines 

Where better to add to your Asian adventure than a stint to this, the second largest archipelago in the world. Rich in culture with sensational white beaches and crystal clear cyan waters, you can combine a visit to the bustling capital of Manila with a trip to the stunning coastline to get the best of both worlds and see what this incredible region is all about.  


With Laos, Malaysia, Bali, Lombok and Indonesia all on your South East Asian doorstep too, you really are spoilt for choice when finalising the details of your oriental adventure.
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