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It’s always great to get away somewhere warm and top up on some vitamin D. As we rarely have predictable enough weather, it can be pretty impossible to combine a week off work with a blast of hot sun back home, so it’s certainly worth hopping over the water to enjoy some slightly more guaranteed sunshine.

The great thing about living where we do is that we are just a few hours’ flight time from some excellent sunny holiday destinations. So it is very easy to book a flight and be somewhere warm and sunny, without the drag of being jet lagged or losing an entire day to travelling. It also means that if you are not particularly fond of forward planning then it is quick and simple to book last minute holidays. This is also handy if you suddenly find yourself with an unexpected week off work. It is entirely possible to get online, book a late holiday and find yourself on the beach just a few days later!

The only thing that may delay you is deciding where to travel. With so much choice it can be hard to settle on an area especially as most regions tick many of the same boxes, so if you’re looking for a generic sunshine holiday then you really will be spoilt for choice.

However, there are many specialist locations if you’re looking for a particular type of holiday. San Antonio in Ibiza is the obvious choice for party animals, while Menorca offers a quieter stay for nature lovers and beach bums. If you’re looking for a spectacular place with soul-stirring scenery, then consider Sardinia. Towards the end of the tourism season as the sun is a little less fierce, you can explore, mountain bike and climb over some of the fabulous mountains ranges as well as enjoying the best of the Mediterranean.

Find out more and search for summer breaks online at From last minute holidays and family-friendly escapes to full-on voyages of adventure, there is a wide range of Med holidays and many wonderful special offers to help make things that little bit easier.

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