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Visiting Steveston Fish Market at Fisherman’s Wharf, Richmond, BC

Weeks ago we drove to Steveston Fish Market to get some fresh seafood. It is only an hour drive from the apartment so we arrived there very early as we’d left also early in the hopes of getting a fresh catch not frozen fish.


Although it was a sunny day but very cold down the harbor. Since that time was our first visit so I took a couple of snapshots.


Fisherman’s Wharf is located in Richmond, BC and this is where you can get fresh seafood. Actually this Steveston’s Fish Market is known as Public Fish Sales Float.


There are restaurants, cafes, shops, and others that you can see onshore. They have also whale watching tour as you can see in the booth. Sorry I got no chance to ask some info about it as it was close when we got there.


Here are our kids very curious with the fragile sculpture whale (behind them) carved from a naturally fallen 800 year old California Red wood. Could you believe that the carving was completed in 24 hours? With the use of appropriate carving tools this work was completed in 24 hours! Amazing, isn’t it?


Speaking of the fisherman’s catch, we saw sea urchin, my favorite, tuna, shrimps and much more.


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