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Celebration of Canada Day in Victoria, BC

My first Canada Day celebration in Victoria, BC was a remarkable one. It was two years ago. I remember how people travel from a distance to go to downtown Victoria where the British Columbia Parliament Buildings is, and the Harbor where was the family-friendly events was being held in respect to the celebration of Canada Day.


I remember we drove there early and got home late. As expected, the venue was flooded with Canadians and tourists. Of course there were food festival, music entertainers, fireworks, etc.

Above photo is in front of the Parliament buildings. There was a musical band performing on the stage and the people were mostly squatting to hear the music.
(Please click to enlarge)

The statue above is the statue of Queen Victoria. I didn’t know that we’re not allowed to stand right there which was I did, and made some poses as souvenirs when all of the sudden a guy approached me and have told me that it’s not allowed. waahh.. Well, there was no signage as you can see.
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In the other side of the street is “The Empress” a well-known and the oldest hotel in Victoria British Columbia Canada. We strolled there around and saw the frontage occupied as well with bunches of people squatting on the grass. It was fun looking at them.
The most beautiful part of the venue is the inner Harbor. I saw people going in and out to the floating restaurant, riding on the water taxi heading to their destinations and buying souvenirs located at the right corner of the Harbor. In fact, I got also a souvenir- a silver necklace with a pendant out of 10 cents coin.
As an overall experience? Awesome!

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