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5 Educational Days Out For Your Children

Keep their education going all the way through the Easter holidays with these informative and fun days out for children. Of course, wherever you go, there will be exciting, Easter-related activities on-the-go, so the only question is…where?


Codasign Children’s Workshop

Is your child a whizzkid when it comes to technology? Indulge their love for computers, while making the day pragmatic, by teaching them how to code their own videogame with Codasign. Kids aged 6 – 12 will learn how to turn a physical object into something digital, and this experience could just inspire them to make a career out of IT in the future.

Explore The Amazon Rainforest

Not everyone can afford to jet set halfway across the world for a tropical holiday. At Horniman Museum, you can live the excitement of an Amazon explorer. With so many exhibits to marvel over, there won’t be a dull moment. From anthropology to classical instruments, this is history at your fingertips.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is a glorious Tudor building that’s both grand and stunning – as such, it’s arguably one of the most popular stately homes in the UK.

Visit the vast kitchens to learn how to make Tudor dishes and maybe even get a little taste at the end. Or, if you’re feeling religious, marvel at the beautifully ornate Chapel Royal, which is still in use after 450 years. It was here that King Henry VIII received the letter detailing his fifth wife, Catherine Howard’s, liaisons before their marriage. He used to refer to her as his ‘rose without a thorn,’ but after this information, she was beheaded.

Even if your kids aren’t enthusiastic about history, there’s a lot to be learned at Hampton Court Palace. Finish the day buy burning off some steam in the extensive gardens or have a nice cup of English tea in the café and a slice of cake.

Imagine Children’s Festival 2013

Taking the kids to a music festival can be a bit of a nightmare. However, Southbank Centre’s Imagine Children’s Festival is specifically constructed for young ones. From theater performances to skill

workshops, there’s so much to do and learn. Beat the crowds by booking now, and join in with the frivolities. Even the adults will love this day out with the kids!

Deen City Farm

For many children, the source of their food is a mystery. At Deen City Farm, your kids can have an education in agriculture. Set in a picturesque park estate, the whole family can visit the goats, squirrels, chickens, alpacas, and much more. Tour the land and learn how to grow your own vegetables.

Anyone above the age of 8 can ride horses over the land. Pet some small animals and check out the incubation area, where baby chicks hatch into life. The farm can give a presentation about how to look after eggs, so you can begin your very own back yard chicken farm. 

Zoe has contributed this post today for Knowsley Safari Park, an educational day out with the kids, and one the whole family will never forget!

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