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Weekend Activities with your Boyfriend

Sometimes it can be easy to go through the same weekend rituals with your partner. Grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon and watching football on a Sunday have a certain charm, but here are some tips for those wanting to break away from routine and embark on their own weekend adventure.

Take time to explore

Leave your sat-nav system at home (or keep it in the glove box for emergencies), jump in the car, and go where the road takes you. Heading out into the countryside for the day is a perfect way to avoid the noise and stress of urban life. Amongst the rolling hills and lowing cattle you’ll be surprised at what you might find. Quaint towns you’d never previously heard of, cosy gastro pubs, and the gorgeous scenery of the British countryside. Best of all, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and reconnect.

Take a spontaneous holiday

It may not be feasible to jump on a ferry or a plane on a whim, but you can certainly take a short break closer to home. Dash off for a cultural city break in Liverpool or London (where there are lots of romantic things to do), or relax in a boutique hotel in the countryside. Or, if you’re feeling more ambitious with your time, perhaps choose a quick trip to Paris or even Venice, some of the most romantic cities in the world.

Take up a new activity together

If you’re after more of an active weekend, think about signing up for sport lessons together. You could try your hand at extreme sports such as skiing, kite surfing or mountain biking. If you’d rather do something a little less risky, book a day of tennis, horse riding, or a round of golf. The fresh air and adrenaline will leave you both feeling great. 

Treat him to an evening out

Inject an air of spontaneity with a surprise evening out. For example, take him to a restaurant and experience new cuisine, or opt for theater tickets. If you get a credit card from American Express, you can even gain access to the fantastic Preferred Seating scheme, which gives you priority for the best seats in theaters  music venues and restaurants in the UK. 

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