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UK Hen Weekend Tips and Advice

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful, but rewarding, few months of a bride’s life, which is why passing the responsibility of the hen weekend to the maid of honour can a wise idea. Choosing a destination for a UK hen weekend is one of the main aspects to consider – after all, a city to suit both the bride and attendees is crucial.

When considering travel to your chosen destination, if you’re going to be travelling a considerable distance, take a look at how much it would cost to fly to the local airport instead. While a road trip could be fun, and train rides can be cheap, sometimes a flight doesn’t cost much more and also provides considerable convenience in comparison.

Travelling from London? Book in advance and park your cars at Gatwickairport parking then fly on any of the domestic flights to your city of choice. Not only can you fly in style, be there in an hour and still feeling fresh, but you will also be able to benefit from more time in the city and plan for more activities with the girls.

Use Facebook as a forum for the hen weekend. Set up an event and invite all the guests, so that you can ask questions, discuss ideas and gain information without the rest of the world seeing. It’s also a fantastic way of introducing yourself to guests you’ve not met before, before the big weekend.

Don’t stress yourself about planning within an inch of your life – create a basic itinerary, organize an activity, book a meal and arrange VIP guest list for a local club, but don’t try to force too much into the weekend. After all, you want to enjoy yourself, right?

Once you’ve parked up at Gatwicksouth terminal parking, the hen weekend can finally begin. Get ready for a girly holiday to remember forever. 

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