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The Caribbean Days Festival, North Vancouver BC Canada

I felt glad that I able to witness the Caribbean festival held at North Vancouver for the very first time last July. It was a 2 days event in a huge green Waterfront Park setting. Our experience was certainly a remarkable one. Going there we rode on a train then a ferry since we didn’t took the car.
For their activities, here listed below:
  • Caribbean Boat Cruise
  • Multicultural Street Parade
  • International Food Fair
  • Arts and Clothing Market
  • Waterfront Outdoor Dance
The Arts and Clothing Market. People were busy buying, fitting here and there.

The Food Fair

  The Musical Band
Our kids were having fun as well since there were also an activities at their level. Although mostly paid ones but they also offer some free.


Overall, I like the venue and seeing the people enjoying like there’s no more tomorrow brought marks on my shadow.

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