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Sand Sculpting Competition and Exhibition in Parksville, BC

Parksville is about a 2 hours drive from our old apartment in Victoria, BC. It is certainly a beautiful place especially it has a huge park and few steps away to the seashore.


As I sat on the bench watching the sea and the mountains across I remember my parents place since our house is also located just few steps from the sea. The eyesight would pass through different directions as the scenic view is extraordinary especially when the water is tranquil.


We been passing quite a few times in Parksville but been in their park twice only and that second time was when we witness their Sand Sculpting Competition and Exhibition event- a world class event for Master Sand Sculptors and is an official qualifying event for the World Championship of Sand Sculpting in Atlantic, City New Jersey.


This event is certainly a remarkable one as it is being participated by different Master Sand Sculptors all over the world. Anyway, here are some of the shots, please just click the image to be seen larger.



This above work (last image), “The Way to A Man’s Heart” got the 1st place on 2011 competition. Hmmm…seems true.

Once we decided to witness the 2013 competition we don’t only need to drive but have to cross the sea through BC Ferries but surely it would be fun!

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