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Peak 2 Peak Summer Adventure

Summer is along the way. It’s few more turns of months then it will arise. I can’t wait to feel the hotness of the sun digging into my skin.


Last summer aside from attending festivals such as the Caribbean Festival and Korean, going to different interesting parks, BC`s beaches we also went to Whistler for the Peak 2 Peak Summer Adventure. It was only a day family outdoor activity yet we still enjoy it to the fullest.

To reach the peak of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains we rode on the new world breaking Peak 2 Peak Gondola as seen above.

[the map]

Then the adventure begins as we ascend to the peak. We saw the fantastic view of the whole village and the different mountains.

Here as we landed and walked to the glaciers.



Hubby and the kids made a pose with the huge bear after strolling a bit in the peak 2 peak building.


This first experience was undeniably fun, maybe merrier if we able to visit on winter as there were also winter activities such as skiing, tube park, sleigh rides, etc. Well, hopefully next winter.

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