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Clubbing Holidays With a Carry-On?

Right, hands up who agrees that checking in your luggage is a right pain in the rear? You have to get to the airport early, join the long check-in queue, then wait at the baggage carousel for what seems like FOREVER on arrival, trying to spot your suitcase among the line of identical black bags. You also run the risk of over-packing and being charged a fortune for excess. Plus, who wants to lug a huge case around when going on your hols? Well, for Magaluf holidays, Malia and more, there is another way.

                                                [photo not mine]

Imagine pre-printing your boarding pass, walking straight past the queues at check-in and, either getting pretty much straight on the plane, or spending more precious time in the airport bar? Then, on arrival, forget those losers watching and willing the cases to come out of the hole in wall, and get stuck straight into enjoying your holiday. You can do all this when you travel with carry-on luggage only – but is that even possible when you’re headed out for a week in the sun?

The short answer is that it very much depends on you. If you’re a bit of a fashionista and simply have to have a different outfit for every day and night you’re away then it’s not going to work. However, if you’re a laidback kind of guy or gal, there are ways to do a week with hand luggage only.

The fact that the clothing required for a week in the sun in unlikely to take up a great deal of room works in your benefit. For girls, two bikinis, flipflops, a couple of cover-ups, a couple of easy to wear dresses for the Magaluf clubs and a pair of wedges are all that you’ll need. Don’t be scared to bring it up with accessories – and the more you can wear on the plane, the better (look out, here comes Mr. T!). For guys, a couple of pairs of swim shorts, flipflops, a few tees, a pair of cotton chino shorts, jeans and trainers/shoes and you’re good to go.

Be honest – how much of the contents of your suitcase do you usually actually end up wearing on your hols anyway? Stick your favourites in a carry-on case, cut out the boring bits of going on holiday and get stuck straight in.

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