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The Fair: 2012 Pacific National Exhibition, at Vancouver

My first visit at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) was such a remarkable moment. It was the very first time I witnessed in person the variety of rides. The Fair is a yearly event held in Vancouver and only for a couple of days. There’s an admission fee plus fee for the rides if you want to ride on. It is so much fun to be there as there were lots of foods, games, live shows and rides. They have actually an activity schedule so people can choose which shows to watch. It’s advisable to go there early to enjoy everything to the fullest. 
The first image below is taken while we’re roaming around the huge area looking for kids ride.

I was amused seeing thousands of people heading to different directions so I took a picture of them. lol! It was a hot day though. (image below)

And some of the rides that I’d like to hop on but my nerves really won’t allow me to are here below. Hopefully this 2013 I’ll be able to ride these things that I missed last year. You know, hubby told me I was too chicken. lol! Well, I guess he is right with that. I had a couple of short kiddy rides but even in that I told to myself I will not ride on it again because I felt dizzy and seemed the end of my world like my experience when I tried the slide at Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort in Cebu, Philippines.

After getting dizzy and tired walking we then watch the cow show, I forgot what’s the term they use for this. The riders were just having their tricks on it. I didn’t find it interesting but the rest of the events were worth keeping and I want to go back again!

I have more photos to share about this event, so maybe the rest in the next post. I need some place to go by now. Au Revior!

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