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Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort Experience

Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa is such a heaven place to see. We’ve been there twice with the whole family. Our kids couldn’t hide their sweet smile as we landed to this place. The splashes of water here and there is what they love most. No kids couldn’t resist not to slide on their kiddy slides plus the inviting atmosphere. With all the resorts I’ve been in Cebu this Imperial Palace is the best so far.
Anyway, here are my kids with their daddy patiently waiting every descend they made from the slide. They do transfer from one pool to another to utilize what this place has to offer.

As for me, the experience being here was also a remarkable as I have tried their Open Body Slide for the very first and last time. I said last because I will never do it again. The moment I tried it seemed was the end of my world. I called the name of the Lord and all the saints while my body was carried away by the slide.

Supposed to be I’d like to try the excitement of being flush by this space bowl below after the other slide, but my nerves couldn’t dare anymore after the shock have brought by Open Body slide.

After all the thrill moment during the day, in the evening we had buffet dinner which ended up with super bulging stomach as sumptuous foods were served. It was such an extraordinary experience for the four of us. Thanks to my husband for the opportunity!

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