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Cebu Pacific: First Airplane Ride

Like with small other kids, my children were also so excited on their very first airplane ride. Days prior to our flight from Ozamis City to Cebu my kids kept asking me if how many days we have to wait till we will be on the plane. Oh, not only twice or thrice questioning me in a day but more than that. So anxious huh! Well, I couldn’t blame them for having such feeling.


Cebu Pacific is the cheapest airbus company that offers a very low fare nationwide, based on what I know so far. You name it, Php1 fare, 1.99, 50% fare and etc but that’s excluding the tax, yet, still a big savings than riding on a ferry and the thing I like most is only in a few minutes you will be in your destination. It’s great huh?


There they go, in the above photo. My boy is walking way ahead of us.(He’s in blue shirt) Then my mother and my daughter.
Look at them, they can’t put themselves at peace. lol! (photo above)
And finally they able to fasten their seat belts.


So these photos remind me of my kids very first time ride on the airbus. They had so much fun looking at the clouds while up so high in the sky. It was a wonderful experience that they can share to their friends. How about you folks, do you still remember your very first airplane ride?

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