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The Peak in Hong Kong

The Peak Hong Kong
 The Peak- is one of the wonderful, stylish, architectural tourist icons in Hong Kong that I admired so much. To reach to the top-hill is through a train in red like the one you can see in the image below.
The Peak Train
While we were inside the train ascending to the top destination, this picturesque view below and the tall old trees made me wow!
 Below, the image is the building on top, “The Peak Tower.”
The Peak Tower Hong Kong
 This photo was taken on the last floor of the building.The whole place is an overlooking from here.
Peak Tower Hong Kong
The Peak of Hong Kong
 Me with the wax statue. (Still inside this huge hilltop building). There are also plenty of souvenir stuff being sold in their small shops.
For the ticket, we paid HK$ 65/ each for back and forth. This Sky Pass experience is really remarkable. I’d like to go back there with our kids. Hopefully soon!

20 thoughts on “The Peak in Hong Kong

  1. Nancy

    Hahaha… and I really had to read it back..kala ko yung wax statue was the hubby then I had to scroll up again.:D

    Ang gaganda ng pics.Gusto ko yung mga nakahilera na towers, parang mga structure models lang kung tingnan.. ang tatayog!

  2. Ma. Novie Godmalin

    Ive been to HK in 2010 but we had no chance to visit The Peak cos we only stayed there for 3 nights. Ive been to Madame Tussauds too but in London. Hoping to visit and see HK’s the peak next time round cos it makes me more curious what HK looks like in a 360 degree view. Tnx for the share! :)

  3. Mhe-anne Ojeda

    oh the peak! your post reminds me i still haven’t written my trip there last august 2011 with my high school classmates.they have been asking me about it.thanks for sharing yours!

  4. AJ

    The last time I was in HK was right after my graduation from grade school! This post made me realize how much HK has changed. Time to go back. :)

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