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The Remarkable Experience at BlueWater Maribago Resort

Who doesn’t want to have a remarkable experience in  Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort? A beautiful resort in Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines.

I was jumping for joy when I won the contest on Facebook because the prize is so awesome, an overnight stay at a Bluewater Maribago Resort in a deluxe room. The said beach is located in Lapu-lapu City and it is just few minutes away from home. I’ve never been there, so upon knowing that I am the winner I was super grateful.

Maribago Beach Club is a place where anybody loves to spend precious time with their family or someone especial. Since the prize is good for 2 persons so I brought my mom together with the kids. Free breakfast only so we just pay for our dinner.

Me enjoying the white sand. This is the beachfront view.
This is certainly a breathtaking beachfront, isn’t it?
(Above image) The bathroom. The kids are complaining why there are stones on the floor. lol!

This is our room with two single beds. The room so far is clean and very well organized.

Well, have you been to this resort? So how was your experience?

20 thoughts on “The Remarkable Experience at BlueWater Maribago Resort

  1. Chilipina

    Anything that involves the beach, I AM GAME! LOL. I’ve never been to Cebu, though I’m planning to go probably this summer. Will definitely check this place out. :)

    Your kids are soo cute! Are they twins? :)


  2. Leah.

    Wow naman. You’re so lucky! Ako, I have no luck in winning raffles and giveaways and blog/Facebook contests. Tsk.. Looks like you had a fun time.. and the beach looks great! :)

  3. markpogi

    Congratulations on winning the contest. ^_^

    It reminded me of me and my wife’s honeymoon there almost all-expenses paid. The place was really calm and peaceful though the beachwalk was limited. ^_^

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