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Visiting Simala for the First Time

I remember the very first time we went to Simala Sibonga, Cebu. I didn’t know ’bout the place till I informed by a friend that they had visited the place. I become curious about its story so we decided to visit it. We rode on a taxi and paid the driver of 2,500 for the entire day which was not bad. We went there together with my parents and my own family. It was such a long drive but quite okay since it was our first time going to that direction, North part of Cebu.

Me holding my eldest child. Back portion is the fountain.

My mother, housekeeper and my kids.

The first visit didn’t end just there. After that long travel it was followed 3 times together with my mother and kids and the last one was just by myself. Anyway when I go back to Cebu I will try to visit there again to see Mother Mary.

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